5 Great Curb Appeal Ideas on a Budget

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5 Great Curb Appeal Ideas on a Budget

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It can not be emphasized enough how important curb appeal is.  As the old saying goes, first impressions are last impressions.  Therefore, when a prospective buyer pulls up in front of your home and sees chaos and disarray, they will surely be turned off.  The following is a short list of 5 curb appeal ideas on a budget that will make your house pop.

_stock-paint-front-door 1. Paint Your Front Door 

If you have it in you, painting your front door is inexpensive, therapeutic and really gives a lot of bang for your curb appeal buck.

Pick a color that is bold and stands apart from the rest of the house.

Make sure to prep your surfaces properly in order to ensure a quality durable finish that will last for years.

Personally, in many cases, when I’ve been asked what color to paint the front door, I’ve said, “red”.  It’s a strong, bold and fabulous color for a front door.



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